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Discover everything that makes up the DNA of web-eau.net: its philosophy, its team, its history, etc.

The beginning

web-eau.net was created from an observation made between 2007, date of my beginnings in the Web on the code side, and 2012, date on which I wanted to transform what was then only a passion into a professional activity. During this period, I met a few (too many) people who had had trouble with unscrupulous web agencies and freelancers. Excessive billings, achievements made despite common sense were commonplace, when it was simply not the service provider who had vanished. Noting this a little too frequently for my taste, I then said to myself that there was undoubtedly a card to play in this fascinating universe if we had a minimum of ethics and were respectful of our customers.

So far, I'm right

About web-eau.net
About web-eau.net's values

Our values

Sharing is an essential value of the Open Source. I cannot create a website without sharing as much information as possible with my client to help her/him take this often vital step. This is the only way I conceive my work and that I envisage each collaboration.

Well-being - work is a value in which too few people really thrive. Work has become a chore, when it is not a source of disease. After several years spent managing teams in commercial structures, I have become convinced that you can only do good work by being happy. Working without hierarchical pressure with the simple objective of doing your best is clearly a luxury. And it is my clients who benefit in the first place.

Our missions

This seems like a ready-made formula for some, but web-eau.net's main mission is the complete satisfaction of its client. Ideally, my services do not stop on the day of handing over the keys to the website to the client. Very often, I also support her/him on the referencing and technical maintenance of its site, a sign of a successful and lasting collaboration.

web-eau.net also has the mission of promoting, by all means at its disposal, the dissemination and use of CMS Joomla as well as open source (free software). Whether through its local commitment (JUG Breizh), national (AFUJ) or international (Joomla.org), this commitment is one of the daily missions of web-eau.net.

About web-eau.net's missions


About web-eau.net's team

About Boki Jovanovic Joomla integrator


About Daniel Joomla Webmaster and founder


Louise Mélin - Material artist 3D

3D artist

About Mera Bader - content creator


About web-eau.net's story


    Birth of web-eau.net

    5 Sept. 2012

    Registration of the domain name web-eau.net
    First site created with template Design Canvas from Joomlage

    First web-eau.net's website

    First release of Responsive Tables

    Nov. 2013

    First Joomla plugin created and coded by web-eau.net, Responsive Tables allows you to display any HTML table in responsive mode.

    Plugin Responsive Tables


    May the Force be with you, padawan!

    Jan. 2014

    It's time for web-eau.net to be involve in the Joomla community by becoming a support member of the Joomla Extension Directory, member of the AFUJ and in participating to my first JoomlaDay and my first J and Beyond.


    Redesign of the site with Favourite, a template from Favtheme

    Dec. 2015

    2nd redesign of web-eau.net's website

    The year 2015 ends with an incredible record: nearly 270 articles written and edited on and about Joomla since the beginning of web-eau.net


    4 years later, a new visual identity

    Sept. 2016

    After a few years of graphic hesitation, it's time to give a new visual identity to web-eau.net and it's the talented Mylène Diguet who made it.

    web-eau.net 2016 logo


    Creation of the Joomla User Group Breizh

    Jan. 2017

    First meeting of the Joomla User Group Breizh which aims to bring together and develop the number of Joomla users in Brittany.

    Joomla User Group Breizh


    First international conference as a speaker

    8 July 2017

    Millions of Joomlers in the UK?, first presentation in English during the JoomlaDay UK - London


    CMS Africa 2018

    15 March 2018

    Participation as a speaker at CMS Africa 2018 which took place in Kigali, Rwanda.

    Point conferences : 3 Joomla World Conference, 2 J and Beyond, 5 JoomlaDay, 1 CMS Africa


    New visual identity for web-eau.net

    15 Jan. 2019

    New evolution of web-eau.net's logo and graphic charter - Design byAlison Meeks - AM Graphix

    New logo web-eau.net


    4th redesign for web-eau.net's website

    1st July 2019

    Almost 7 years after the first site, online release of the 4th version of web-eau.net

    Version 4 de web-eau.net

    Thanks to Joomla!, Helix Ultimate, Font Awesome, Bootstrap, GlyphSearch, Pixabay, Material Design Bootstrap, etc.


    Rest in peace Gamine

    11th Dec. 2019

    Gamine had joined our team as CEO (Canine Executive Officer) and had the main mission of resting in our place (and she was serious!)

    Gamine, web-eau.net's CEO


    First release of Upcoming Articles

    Aug. 2020

    Upcoming Articles is a Joomla module which allows you to display a list of the next articles to be published in one or more categories.

    Upcoming articles 1st release


    5th redesign for web-eau.net

    Aug. 2022

    After several months of work, the 5th version of web-eau.net's website is alive.

    5th redesign for web-eau.net's website

    Thanks to Joomla!, Font Awesome, GlyphSearch, Pixabay, Material Design Bootstrap, unDraw, etc.


    Templatejoomla is born

    Aug. 2022

    Because there were no template directories dedicated to Joomla 4, we launched templatejoomla.com

    Templatejoomla.com - First and largest template directory

    Thanks so much to Joomla! and to all template developers for their creativity and responsiveness!


France - 29800 Landerneau

+33 674 502 799


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