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Website Creation

Your site must answer many questions to achieve your goals. Working with professionals like us is the assurance of having the appropriate answers within the deadlines and of making your investment really profitable.

Let's take the time to talk about your web projects!

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website creation by web-eau.net
website redesign by web-eau.net

Website Redesign

Whatever the reason of this project, a redesign can be a huge success — or not. It can also be a long and tedious undertaking, which is why every redesign needs a real professional webmaster by your sides. The better the professional is, the more successful your redesign will be — and the smoother the entire process will be as well.

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One-Page Website

A One-Page is a single page website. All the content sits within the same webpage, traditionally in a long-scrolling layout. The beauty of a One-Page site is it tries to promote one thing in an uncluttered, direct manner.

With a professional webmaster like web-eau.net, your new One-Page will be online in few days for a very low budget ;)

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website creation by web-eau.net

Your New Website in 3 Steps

Basically, here is how our collaboration will take place :)


From dream to conception

Your Web project is unique, must meet your expectations and achieve your objectives. Describe to us everything you expect precisely and we will transform your project into reality.


From conception to production

As soon as the work begins, you will be able to follow it and watch the construction of your Web project. There's nothing more exciting than watching your own dreams come true ;)


From production to use

Your website is put into production and everything works exactly as expected. We give you a getting started guide that allows you to manage the main functions of your site.

web-eau.net is at your side for all your web projects

Your website is very important, it's the showcase of your activity and your projects.
In collaboration with you, web-eau.net creates your website in your image by defining the functions and graphics that best suit your needs. From the reservation of your domain name through the SEO to training to manage your website independently, everything is planned from the beginning!

Web-eau.net is a reactive interlocutor who is at your side during all the steps of the development of your Website, who is available to answer all your questions and the best one to accompany you in the evolution of your future Web projects.

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Your website will be created and managed with




professionnalism !

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4,8 16 Google reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How much a website cost?

It is from your specifications that we will be able to estimate the volume of work and the type of website to be produced. Then, and only then, will you be able to know the budget to plan for the creation of your website.

What are the others costs to plan?

Yes, you will need a domain name and hosting for your website. To these two items, which can vary from around fifty euros per year to around one hundred per month, it will be necessary to add the maintenance for your website.

How long doest it take?

It largely depends on you! Indeed, I work according to the indications contained in the specifications. The more responsive you are to answering my questions, the faster the realization of your website will progress.

How will our collaboration unfold?

My goal is to create the best website possible for you according to your needs and your budget. All your remarks will be taken into account and implemented immediately, in your interest.

Where can I see your portfolio?

A well-established webmaster with nothing to hide will proudly display the portfolio of his achievements on his site. It must therefore be easily accessible and searchable. Mine can be seen here.

How to manage my website?

When your site is delivered, you will be given a getting started guide so that you can be totally independent in managing its main functions. And if necessary, we can intervene very quickly to help you.

My website have been hacked, what do I do?

The first thing to do is not to panic because I'm a professional webmaster since 2014. From the design of your site, backup and protection tools have been put in place to avoid the worst. Contact us without delay!

What about the updates?

Updates are very important because they most often correct security vulnerabilities. Several solutions exist so that your site is constantly updated and therefore perfectly operational. Let's talk about it !

Let's talk about your web projects

You do not know how to start the web projects that are important to you?
Don't worry, web-eau.net takes care of it for you.

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Web Development

Because each Web project is important and unique, you may need tailor-made features specific to your Joomla website. As web professionals, we are able to answer to all your questions / needs, even the most complex.

Don't be afraid to challenge us, we'd love to hear from you!

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web development by web-eau.net

Free Joomla Extensions

Boost the power of your Joomla website by adding new features tailored to your needs. All the extensions developed by web-eau.net are installable on Joomla 4, are entirely free and are perfectly functional. Don't hesitate!

Dictionary free Joomla component


The easiest way to display a responsive glossary in Joomla

Responsive Tables free Joomla plugin

Responsive Tables

The easiest way to display responsive HTML tables in Joomla

Download Counter free Joomla plugin

Download Counter

The best way to display a download link and its counter in Joomla

Upcoming Articles free Joomla module

Upcoming Articles

The best way to display your upcoming articles in Joomla

Callback free Joomla module


The easiest way to help your visitors to call you back in Joomla

Tweet feed free Joomla module

Tweet feed

The easiest way to display a Twitter feed in your Joomla website

Contacts list free Joomla module

Contacts List

The easiest way to display a list of contacts in Joomla

Categories list free Joomla module

Categories List

The easiest way to display a list of categories in Joomla

Modify Date free Joomla 4 plugin

Modify Date

The only plugin to edit the modification date of articles in Joomla

Free Joomla Overrides

Overrides are modifications that allow you to change the visual rendering of articles, modules or whatever you want in your Joomla website. For example, with a few lines of code, you can transform a list of articles into a Facebook news feed. There are no limits except your imagination, especially since all these overrides are downloadable for free! It's up to you to have fun with web development. Here are some examples:

Overrides Joomla 3 et 4 - Développement web
Latest Blog

Display your articles from a or more categories with a nice and modern style

Overrides Joomla 3 et 4
Knowledge Base J4

Turn your Joomla website into a powerful knowledge base with this awesome override

Overrides Joomla 3 et 4 - Développement web
Menu restaurant

Trun your Joomla articles into dishes for your restaurant or your cafe-restaurant

Overrides Joomla 3 et 4
Upcoming events

With this override, a list of events in the form of a very graphic vertical listing

Overrides Joomla 3 et 4
Movies list

You love movies? This override will change your articles in film description for movie buffs

Overrides Joomla 3 et 4 - Développement web
Take Five

Display 5 articles with one of which is highlighted thanks to this very aesthetic override

Overrides Joomla 3 et 4
Error 404 page

Yes, you can even change the appearance of the Joomla 404 error page with an override

Overrides Joomla 3 et 4 - Développement web
Graphic portfolio

This very pretty override will be perfect to graphically display your portfolio

Your Joomla website needs new functionalities?

Contact us and we'll find the best answers to your questions

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Joomla maintenance

Web-eau.net supports the maintenance and assistance of your Joomla website, whether it was created by web-eau.net or not! You choose the level of services that suited to your needs, the pricing is clear and without surprises.

Don't be afraid to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

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Joomla website maintenance by web-eau.net


29 € / month*


69 € / month*


129 € / month*


29 € / month*

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69 € / month*

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129 € / month*

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Joomla website security
Joomla updates
Extensions updates
reCaptcha and AntiSpam
Website Monitoring
.HTACCESS Protections
Backup frequency 1 x month 1 x week 1 x day
Backup storage Google Drive
Contact requests Email Phone office time Phone 24/7
Website restauration 1 x month 1 x month 1 x week
Activity report On request On request
Terms and payments
Payment method Bank transfert
Billing Annually
Renewal No condition after the first year
Invoicing Invoice once a year

* Pricing and conditions applicable on 01/07/2022, subject to change without notice
- Billing annually only
- Prices excluding taxes, VAT applicable at the rate of 20%
- No renewal condition after the first year

Why maintenance & assistance Joomla de web-eau.net offer is really different?

You thought all Maintenance & Assistance Joomla offers were the same?
The one proposed by web-eau is clear, professional, complete and... eco-logical!

Depending on the level of service you choose for the maintenance and assistance of your Joomla site,
web-eau.net will plant for you, up to 5 trees per year!
(and will even send you the photo as proof!)

To learn more about our eco-logical commitment, it's here : Pour un web éco-logique

Frequently Asked questions Maintenance Assistance Joomla

How long are your contracts?

After the first year, there is no commitment term except the one you choose to apply. Confident in the quality of our services, our collaboration will last as long as you are satisfied with web-eau.net. It couldn't be simpler!

What if my website isn't powered by Joomla?

The services we offer are specifically adapted to the Joomla CMS. Therefore, we cannot, unfortunately, accompany you if your site is not powered by Joomla. However, we can study the redesign of your current website ;)

When starts the maintenance contrat?

To simplify our collaboration, all our webmastering services start on the 1st of the month following your engagement. After giving us all the necessary elements to work, your site will be protected very quickly.

What information do you need?

In addition to a super administrator level account in your Joomla website, I will need to have access to the server and your hosting space. Naturally, all this data falls within the scope of professional secrecy.

Can I change the protection level later?

Absolutely and both up and down! All you have to do is notify us and adjust the amount of your payment accordingly. The new formula will apply to your website on the 1st of the month following your decision.

What should I do if my site is hacked?

The first thing to do is not to panic. You risk aggravating a situation that could still be recoverable. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can fix the hacking as soon as possible.

Which method of payment is preferred?

The simplest payment solution is bank transfer. The implementation is done with your bank to which you give my RIB and indicate the amount to transfer annualy. That's all :)

And if I need tailor-made services?

If your Joomla website requires special attention and tailor-made services, we will be happy to study your needs in this area. Don't hesitate to contact us and let's talk about it!

Let's secure and protect your Joomla website

You don't know how to secure and update it effectively ?
No panic, web-eau.net will handle it for you.

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Our portfolio

Here are some of the latest website projects we had the honor and the chance to create for our amazing clients. Don't hesitate to visit their website and if you're enough audacious, contact them to get their feedback about our collaboration.

Let's take the time to talk about your web projects!

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website portfolio by web-eau.net
Al Logod Vreizh

Al Logod Vreizh

2023 - One-page website

HTML5 - CSS3 - PhP - JS
Bootstrap 5 - Font Awesome

See the project

Fondation de France

Fondation de France

2022 - Institutional website

CMS Joomla - Template Helix Ultimate
Custom developments

See the project

Butterfly RX Studio

Butterfly RX Studio

2021 - One-page website

HTML5 - CSS3 - PhP - JS
Bootstrap 5 - Font Awesome

See the project

Quentin Copez avocat

Quentin Copez avocat

2021 - One-page website

HTML5 - CSS3 - PhP - JS
Bootstrap 4 - Font Awesome

See the project



2019 - Business website

CMS Joomla - Template Helix Ultimate
Zoo - SP Page Builder

See the project

UIMM Bretagne

UIMM Bretagne

2019 - One-page website

HTML5 - CSS3 - PhP - JS
Bootstrap 4 - Font Awesome

See the project

Institut Bien-être et Beauté

Institut Bien-être et Beauté

2017 - Business website

CMS Joomla - Template Vitality
Integration of appointments and receipts

See the project

Camping de l'Aumone

Camping de l'Aumone

2023 - One-page website

HTML5 - CSS3 - PhP - JS
Bootstrap 5 - Font Awesome

See the project


France - 29800 Landerneau

+33 674 502 799


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