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Modify Date - Documentation

1. Installation

First, you must download the latest version of the plugin.

To install the extension, simply access your Joomla administrator panel and open System in the left menu. Then, click on Extensions in the Installation panel.

Open the tab Upload package file, click on the green button and locate the ZIP archive on your computer. Select it to launch the installation process.

Few seconds later, a message confirm you that the process of installation is successfuly completed.

Modify Date installation in Joomla

Now, your new Joomla 4 plugin Modify Date is available in your Plugin manager.

2. Setup

To be able to edit the modified date field in the articles parameters, you must first enable the plugin.
In the System Dashboard, click on Plugins in the Manage section.

Then, filter to locate Modify Date in the plugins list.

Simply click on the to enable the plugin:

Modify Date documentation

Few seconds later, a message confirms that the plugin Modify Date is enabled:

Modify Date documentation

3. Use case

Open any article in your article manager and open the Publishing tab.

Now, you can edit the date and the time in this field:

Modify Date documentation

If you have to edit an article only for a typo, you don't necessary want this article up in your blog lists for that reason. The plugin Modify Date was designed for this use case. You can edit the date and the time of your articles.

If you like this free Joomla 4 plugin, you can share your review on the Joomla Extensions Directory with the Community.

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