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Frequently Asked Questions Joomla

To help you see more clearly about the Joomla CMS, you will find below the main questions asked about it (as well as their answers).

If you have any other questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us freely.

Why use Joomla CMS?

The Joomla CMS was created in 2005 and today it powers millions of websites around the world. Its many qualities place it ideally on the market for institutional sites, companies, local authorities, associations or even the Intranet.

Among its many qualities, we can mainly mention:

  • Extensibility: more than 8,000 extensions are available to transform your Joomla site into... whatever you want!
  • Security: its design and the vigilance of the technical teams who ensure its security make it much less vulnerable than consumer CMS which are much more exposed,
  • The community: the Joomla project is supported by a worldwide army of voluntary volunteers who ensure its future, its development, its communication, its security and its support.
  • Open source: The Joomla source code does not belong to anyone. That is to say that you can freely modify it if you wish.

Where can I find a service provider who knows Joomla?

One of the great strengths of the Joomla CMS is that you will easily find a professional able to intervene technically and quickly on your website. entered the world of the Web in 2007 thanks to Joomla and has been working exclusively with this CMS since 2013. We are able to support you whatever the nature of your project or your need: website creation, website maintenance, extension development, redesign, migration, etc.

Can I be trained to use my Joomla site ?

Naturally and logically, you should be able to perform the most common actions on your website such as adding content, responding to blog comments, or tracking and managing sales and inventory if your site is an e-shop.

As such, you will have the following resources:

  • Getting started guide detailing all the functions of your site (reserved for customers)
  • A hundred tutorials in French dedicated to Joomla CMS in free access 24/7,
  • A training course entirely designed and produced for Joomla to help you master Joomla and its eco-system,
  • Dozens (hundreds?) of blog articles covering almost all Joomla-related topics,

And if you need tailor-made support, the best thing is still to get in touch with us without later so we can discuss it.

To find out more about our services about the Joomla CMS, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation:

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