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Frequently Asked Questions Joomla

To help you see more clearly about the web development, the creation of web extensions and/or web applications, you will find below the main questions asked about this subject (as well as their answers).

If you have any other questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us freely.

Why all your Joomla extensions are free?

The extensions we offer have been created to meet a particular need or have been forked from projects abandoned by their web developer. Thinking that they may still be of interest to the Joomla community and to promote the dissemination of this CMS, they are made freely available to the greatest number.

Of course, weI accept your generous donations if you appreciate the quality of our work and the freeness of our extensions ;)

Do you need to sign up or register to download your Joomla extensions?

No, not at all.
Obliging Internet users to register to download something free is a nonsense and seriously harms the user experience. With, you get the archive of your Joomla extension on your computer in 2 clicks maximum!

To make it even easier to distribute and use our Joomla extensions, you can also install them directly from the administration panel of your Joomla website.

On how many sites can I install your extensions?

There are no restrictions or limitations at this level. You are absolutely free to install our extensions on as many Joomla sites as you need, whether for personal projects or commercial projects.

Can I modify the source code of your extensions?

Absolutely, you can freely edit or modify the source code of Javascript, CSS, HTML or PhP files of our Joomla extensions if you need them for your project. Even if you're not a web developer.

The only restriction you must observe concerns our Copyright which you do not have the right to modify or delete.

What support is granted with your Joomla extensions?

All our Joomla extensions have been tested, verified and work perfectly on latest generation Joomla sites. The support that we could grant would relate to the resolution of possible bugs which would not have been detected until now.

All other requests that you may make - web development, modification, addition of functionality - fall within the scope of a service.

What are the limits of web development?

There is none (except our imagination) and that's what makes our work so exciting: creating and bringing to life a unique extension / functionality for a site is a professional experience exciting.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your project or need and we will make sure to carry it out as quickly as possible.

To find out more about our web development services, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation:

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France - 29800 Landerneau

+33 674 502 799

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