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To help you see more clearly about the maintenance and support of your website, you will find below, the main questions asked on this subject (as well as their answers).

If you have any other questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us freely.

What is the duration of a maintenance and support contract?

Most webmasters offer a one-year (12 month) commitment term for website maintenance and support. Some old contracts are still automatically renewed. does not apply any commitment period to its maintenance and assistance contracts (after the first year). Confident in the quality of our services, our collaboration will last as long as you are satisfied with our services and our prices. It couldn't be simpler!

When does a maintenance contract start?

Logically, a maintenance and assistance contract starts when it is signed. This can therefore be when the site is put into production or at any other time chosen by the customer if the contract is signed subsequently.

To simplify collaboration with our clients, our contracts start at subscription and are renewable on the 1st of the month following the anniversary of the commitment.

How to pay for a maintenance contract?

In general, payment for a maintenance contract is made by check or bank transfer upon receipt of the service provider's invoice.

The maintenance contracts offered by can be paid by bank transfer before the 5th of each month. Importantly, there are no split fees applied to my maintenance contracts. You know where you are going and it is more reassuring for your cash flow.

Are all maintenance and support contracts identical??

That's usually what we think. However, you should take the time to carefully read the details of the guarantees offered before committing to this type of contract. If there are few surprises, a few minutes are enough to ensure that the services offered are sufficient and that your site will be perfectly maintained and protected.

In addition to being professional and competitive, the maintenance offered by is also eco-logical! Depending on the level of service you subscribe to for your website, will plant up to 5 trees in your name to thank you for your trust and to offset our carbon footprint.

What to do if my website has been hacked?

The first thing to do is don't panic and don't touch anything. You risk aggravating a situation that may still be quickly recoverable.

The second thing to do is to get in touch with me without further delay so that I can intervene to assess the situation and bring your site back online as soon as possible. as soon as possible.

To find out more about our website maintenance services, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation:

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France - 29800 Landerneau

+33 674 502 799

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